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Express Brakes Ja and Fuel Injector Services offers fuel injector cleaning and flow testing with our computer controlled injector testing machines. We provide professional ultrasonic injector cleaning and can flow test up to 8 injectors at once for an accurate side by side comparison.


 gad direct injector comparison chart


Off-the-car injector cleaning and testing is the only way to verify that each injector is doing its job and allowing each cylinder to operate evenly for peak performance that can also improve fuel economy.

Car fuel injector cleaning in Jamaica

Replacement cost of a new fuel injector can be $40,000 or more. With our cleaning service, we can restore most all fuel injectors (automotive, marine and motorcycles) to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new injector. Most all injectors can be restored to a like-new condition through our ultrasonic cleaning and verified with our testing process. We also replace the O-rings, seals and filter baskets during the cleaning and testing process.
On today's computer controlled engines, the oxygen sensor(s) can only average the air / fuel mixture of all the cylinders. This can cause some cylinders to run rich and others to run lean if all the injectors are not flowing equally. Side by side flow testing is the only way to verify they are working well together.

Useful Fuel Injector Info

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What is a remanufactured injector?

A remanufactured fuel injector is a used fuel injector that has been ultrasonically cleaned, flow tested to make sure it complies to manufacturer specification and then fitted with new O-rings, filters and pintle caps.

Why do fuel injectors need cleaning?

 Small amounts of gasoline are left behind on the tip of the injectors each time the engine is shut down. Volatile compounds in the fuel evaporate and while others stay behind on the injector tip and eventually form solids. These solids accumulates and eventually start effecting the spray pattern and fuel distribution.

What is fuel injector static flow rate?

Manufacturers rate fuel injectors by the maximum amount of fuel that they can flow in a given amount of time at a given pressure. This measurement is known as Static Fuel Injector Flow Rate and is normally taken at 100% duty cycle and a fuel pressure of 43.5 PSI.

Example: At 100% duty cycle a 55 pound (lb) injector at 43.5 PSI of fuel pressure will flow 55 pounds per hour.


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