Fuel Injector Cleaning Services in Jamaica

Clogged fuel injector symptoms

Some symptoms that your fuel injectors need cleaning are:

  • Engine misfire
  • poor gas mileage
  • Rough idling
  • Engine stalling

We are able to clean and test peformance car injectors at up to 10,000 rpm on our injector cleaning and repair machine!

Marine engines (Outboard and inboard), watercraft engines (eg jet skis) etc injectors are also cleaned and serviced.

We also clean and service motorcydle injectors.

Why Do Your Injectors Need Cleaning?

Fuel injector cleaning outside the engine will always deliver a better result than the best on-car or gas tank poured injector cleaner. It guarantees a complete service with measurable results. Something on-car injector cleaning can never do.

Why fuel injector needs cleaning!

Fuel injector cleaning a before and after

More important is that we do the same for the inside of the fuel injector.

Even though injectors have the finest tolerances of any working part in the modern internal combustion engine regular cleaning as a maintenance item is hardly ever considered or advised.

Add engine gunk to the hydrocarbons, additives and moisture drawing ethanol that forms part of today’s fuels  and you have the root cause for fuel injectors to become restricted and clogged. Something all gasoline based fuel injected engines are vulnerable too.  Marine applications, motorcycles and vehicles that sat for a long time with fuel in the tank as well as older vehicles in general are the most vulnerable and most likely to experience drive-ability and emissions problems. Ultrasonic  cleaning is the most reliable and only cleaning method  that can truly guarantee that injectors coming of these engines are clean.

injector cleaning companies in Jamaica

Almost all of today’s computer controlled engines monitor one or two oxygen sensors, placed in such a way that it can only analyze the combined exhaust gases and not each cylinder, thus averaging the air fuel ratios.  Ad a dirty, gummed up or clogged injector in the mix and this can cause some cylinders to run leaner and other cylinders to run richer, causing all kinds of drive-ability issues. Eventually it might and can cause catastrophic engine failure. These are some of the main reasons why Express Brakes ja and Fuel Injection Services decided to offer a more efficient fuel injector cleaning service in Jamaica. 

Turbocharged engines that reach high RPM’s require a much more accurate fuel dispersion rate than other types of engines. If the fuel injectors are dirty of clogged or otherwise out of balance, the risk for engine damage can be very high.

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Other Services

We also offer the fastest and most efficient brake skimming services in Jamaica. We skim brake rotors while they are still on the vehicle in 25 minutes! 

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