Fuel Injector Cleaning

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Repair Services in Jamaica

Fuel Injectors Jamaica which is the injector cleaning service department for Express Brake Ja offers a reliable and cost saving fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service with guaranteed results which is cheaper than buying new injectors. We are able to clean and test injectors for automotive, marine, motorcycle and other related industries.

Clean fuel injectors will:

Improve fuel economy,  reduce exhaust pollution, increase engine performance and save you money!

Marine Injector Cleaning

We can also clean and repair most gasoline based inboard and outboard marine/boat injectors.

GDI (Direct Injector Cleaning)

All injectors should be cleaned every 30,000 - 40,000 miles. We also clean GDI (Direct injectors also).

 Overview of the fuel injector cleaning process.

For as little as $1400 per injector (Direct injector cost $2000 + GCT each) we can clean and restore your gummed up, clogged, dirty or leaking injectors to operate like new. Why pay 10 - 20 times or even more for a new injector? We will save you money with our OEM approved ultrasonic injector cleaning and flow testing process. We guarantee our work and if we cannot restore your fuel injectors to function like new, You will not be charged for the time spent on those injectors we were unable to clean !

During the cleaning process we will replace all O-rings, pintle caps and filter baskets with genuine (OEM) units.

Ohm Testing Fuel Injectors:

Upon arrival the fuel injectors are tested for resistance. Those failing this resistance test are set aside and will not be cleaned because they are deemed to be irreparable.

The injectors are externally cleaned and then inspected for external damage. Injectors with visual cracks and exposed coil winding are rejected and will not be serviced. Rejected or bad fuel injectors cannot be reused because they could pose a fire hazard. The injectors are now numbered and they are ready for the next step.

Note: Any injector that does not pass this test will not incur a charge.


Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning Process:

Not everyone who offers fuel injector cleaning in Jamaica clean the injectors with ultrasonic cleaning. Where applicable, the fuel injector parts such as the  O-rings, filter baskets and pintle caps are removed. The injectors are now ready for the ultrasonic injector cleaning process and placed in an ultrasonic bath containing a hot biodegradable environmentally friendly cleaning fluid. Yes we believe in preserving the environment!

The injectors are opened and closed at various speeds for approximately 20,000 – 30,000 times. Hot cleaning fluid enters the injector nozzle and in conjunction with the ultrasonic sound waves start to break loose the dirt, grime, rust and other foreign particles inside of them. Once this process is completed the injectors are back flushed to remove all traces of dirt and contaminants.

Fuel Injector Initial Flow Testing:

The fuel injectors are pressurized to +/- 45 psi /3 bar and visually checked for pintle, ball or disc seat leaks. Spray patterns are checked for atomization and distribution and finally a flow test is done to determine the amount of fuel delivered.

GDI or direct injectors are tested at 73.5 PSI (5 bars). For more info on our testing of direct injector click here...


Dynamic Fuel Injector Flow Testing:

The cleaned injectors are now re-installed in the injector flow bench where they are once again checked for leaks. After the leak test the injectors are tested for atomization and distribution. Then by means of dynamic flow testing volume is tested under various rpm  (Maximum rpm of 10,000). Finally a static flow test is perform.

Once all the required tests are passed, new O-rings, filter baskets and pintle caps are installed. (Based on availability but we usually stock parts for 90% of injectors). The cleaning process is now complete and the reconditioned fuel injectors are lubricated and placed in a plastic bag. A comprehensive report is prepared for the owner and included.

Note: We don’t give up easily on leaking injectors or the ones that have proven to be difficult to clean. In most instances we will keep on trying until the injectors work the way they should. We will not charge you for the extra time and effort spent and if we are unsuccessful we will not charge you at all.




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